Hartwell Lake Map

Lake Hartwell Map: 25" x 38" Two Sided Waterproof, Tear Resistant Topographic Map of Hartwell Lake. Includes: GPS Co-Ordinates, Marina Listings, Lake Structure, Campgrounds, Recreation Areas, Navigation Buoys, Road Network, More.

Hartwell Lake Map
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     Lake Hartwell is one of the most popular recreation lakes in the nation with about 10 million visitors annually. Hartwell Lake comprises 56,000 acres of water and a 960 mile shoreline. Interstate Highway 85 crosses Hartwell Lake at the Georgia - South Carolina border between Fair Play, South Carolina and Lavonia, Georgia. The closest large cities are Atlanta, Georgia about 100 miles to the southwest and Charlotte, North Carolina about 120 miles to the northeast.

     Hartwell Dam spans 18,000 feet across the Savannah River at the town of Hartwell, Georgia and impounds 45 miles of the Seneca River and 49 miles of the Tugaloo River backing up Lake Hartwell to Toccoa, Georgia and Westminster, South Carolina. Hartwell dam was completed in 1963 at a cost of  over $89 million. Hartwell dam is located 7 miles below the point at which the Tugaloo and Seneca rivers join to form the Savannah River. The dam is crossed by highway US 29 from Hartwell, GA to Anderson, SC.

    Regionally the Terrain ranges from gently sloping piedmont to rugged foothills. Local forests are comprised mostly of mixed hardwoods interspersed with planted pines. Climate is temperate - outdoor activities possible April through October.

     Lake Hartwell is easily accessible to the public with nearly 100 public boat ramps, recreation areas, and campgrounds. All sorts of water sports are popular including: Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Swimming, Camping, Water Skiing, Paddle Sports, and just relaxing on one of many natural beaches.

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